5 Things You Should Avoid Saying to a Drug Addict

A drug addict needs love and support above all else. Condemning them will only not help; it could even make things worse. A drug addict first has to want to quit. Instead of finding fault, you should help find this want. Always stay positive and avoid saying these negative things.

You are worthless.
Telling a drug addict that they are worthless is completely wrong. In fact, this could become the start of a downward spiral. If enough people tell the addict they are worthless, they may soon become that way.

The neighbor kid quit with no problem.
Tellingthemabout some kid down the street quit just like that will not help. Everyone is different with their own set of problems. What works for one does not necessarily works for another.

You are ruining your life.
Telling a drug addict that they are ruining their life is definitely the wrong thing to do. Always be supportive while encouraging them to face their addiction. Show them how good their life can be without drugs.

Only stupid people do drugs.
Telling someone that they are stupid because they do drugs should never be uttered. There have been so many intelligent people who turn to drugs out of boredom and the desire to explore new things. Many drug addicts have a very high IQ, some bordering on the genius level.

You will have an overdose.
The biggest percentage of drug addicts never overdose. This is just another saying that will take away your trust, which is something you should strive to keep. Earning the trust of an addict is not easy. If someone puts their trust in you, help them overcome their addiction to the best of your ability.

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