Factors that Influence Alcohol Relapse Rate

Here are some of the factors that have an influence on alcohol relapse rate:

    Counseling: After the detoxification process, it is important that a teenager is counseled by a professional. It has been observed that individuals who do not seek help after the detoxification process can have a relapse rate as high as 50 to 60 percent. Hence, counseling is an important part of ensuring that your teenager does not restart drinking alcohol.
  • Education: It is important that the teenager is informed and educated about alcohol addiction and the traps that he or she may face that could bring about a desire to drink again. The teenager has to be taught ways to fight or address these cravings, so that they do not start drinking again.
  • Frustration and Anger: Teenagers, who suffer from high levels of anger and frustration, are more prone to relapse. Hence, such teenagers should be taught how to control their anger and frustration and look for avenues to vent out their feelings and emotions. This can prevent relapse in such teenagers.
  • Teenagers, who suffer from high levels of anger and frustration, are more prone to relapse

  • Extensive History of Cravings and Withdrawal-Symptoms: Teenagers having an extensive history of alcohol cravings along with other withdrawal symptoms are more liable to suffer from a relapse. Hence, such teenagers need to be taught how to handle their cravings and resist them, and the withdrawal symptoms can be addressed using medications and other treatment options.
  • Frequent Consumption Before Treatment: If a teenager consumed alcohol frequently prior to the treatment, the chances are high of a relapse. Such individuals are likely to slip during the early and middle recovery phases.


If your teenager is addicted to alcohol, you need to seek professional-help. The alcohol-recovery-program you choose should take a holistic approach to ensure complete healing and recovery, including preventing your teenager from suffering from a relapse.

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