How Long Does Effective Drug Addiction Treatment Usually Take?

The question of how long effective drug addiction treatment is likely to take is hard to predict. Addiction treatment is geared to both the individual and the problem and there’s no quick fix. Addictive personalities take time to readjust and speeding through treatment is likely to lead to an unsuccessful conclusion and relapse.
The question of how long effective drug addiction treatment is likely to take is hard to predict

For example, intensive residential treatments or even outpatient treatments requiring daily commitment demand a minimum of 90 days for readjustment and addiction treatment. While opiate addictions can require methadone maintenance programs of upwards of a year.

Initially, the massive stigmas still surrounding drug and alcohol addiction may have discouraged you or your loved ones from seeking help or taken the attitude of “we’ll manage it within the family” instead.

However, successfully completing an addiction rehab program is only half the battle. If your problems stemmed from family issues, peer group pressure or you have a criminal record as a direct result of your addiction, the chances that you could fall back into addiction are fairly high.

In short, it’s a long road and should be approached responsibly.

  • Admit the problem – Don’t fail before you start.
  • There is no such thing as too long – Treatment needs to take as long as required.
  • Remove sources of temptation – Cut contact with “drug friends” or if possiblepersuade them into entering themselves into drug rehab as well.
  • Ask for help – Your friends and family, no matter how frustrated they may appear at times, want to help. They want you to be clean and ready to face the future.
  • Falling off the wagon does not mean you are a failure – You’re human. Just get back in your treatment program as soon as possible.
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