Regulating and Handling Anger amid Drug Rehab Treatment

Anger management is a key factor when dealing with drug rehabilitation. The likelihood of relapse increases significantly when anger is not properly treated.

Most of us forget that anger is a normal emotion, and it certainly strikes everyone at some point in our lives; but teenagers trying to recover from addiction typically experiences intense emotions and this can lead to relapse. All the more reason drug rehab treatments must include psychological healing.

Why Addicts Experience Anger and Resentment

There are many reasons addicts will experience anger and it becomes even more challenging when dealing with a teenage addict. Teenagers do not possess the maturity or reasoning skills required to regulate and handle their anger. At that age, trying to dominate everything in life can be overwhelming; as a result, teens experience anger which can facilitate relapse.

While rehabilitation is necessary, it is not a walk in the park. Addiction is hard on the body. All the chemical changes and stress to cope with the transformation the body experiences are traumatic. These stressors will manifest itself in different ways.

For many, anger is also a way the body naturally reacts to detoxification. As addicts purge alcohol from their body, the reaction typically involves anger; however, knowing how to deal with anger and release those emotions require help from experienced rehab counselors.

What happens in a rehabilitation program for alcohol?

Exactly what happens in an alcohol rehabilitation program depends on what kind of program it is, but there are some elements that are common to all;

There is always an initial assessment when a person is first admitted to a rehabilitation program for alcohol. The assessment is then used to help determine the best approach for treatment, including help for any apparent anger issues.

At the initial assessment counselors question the addict about:

  • The number of daily alcoholic drinks teen consumes
  • Time person has consumed alcohol
  • Effects alcohol had on the life of the person and their family
  • Medical history
  • Medications taken
  • Mental health or behavioral problems
  • Problems with family


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